Capital City of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the countries located in the southern part of Asia and its capital city is Dhaka. In this city, you can find palaces and mosques that were built since the 17th century. Since it is the capital city, there is no doubt that this city is the largest, not only in the country but also known to be one of the world’s largest cities. Regarding its population, it is growing very rapidly. Because of this, it was even recorded to be the 4th most dense population.

All throughout South Asia, Dhaka is one of the largest cities. For quite a long time, the city became a capital of the Mughal Bengal. If you haven’t yet heard, Dhaka was once called the Venice of the East. There was a long history that happened in the past until it finally became the capital of Bangladesh. When you travel around the city, you can see old buildings and notable structures.

Due to the dense population, there are too many problems which are not easy to be solved which includes daily traffic, many areas are crowded and the space is not enough for those who want to live in the city. It is good to know the culture of the city as well.  Every year, the people celebrate important holidays and festivals. There are Muslims who also live in the city and they too celebrate their own festival. There are unique food delicacies and distinctive dishes which even tourists should never miss when visiting the city.