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Hello Fellow Globetrotters!

Greetings One and All, welcome to my globetrotting travel blog. Travelling can be such a great adventure, there are so many fabulous destinations to visit and if you can learn a bit about the culture before you go, you will enjoy yourself even more. Wherever you decide to travel to whether it is to a tropical beach to soak up the sun, a fast paced city break for some culture or a sailing tour around some glorious archipelago, research where you are going to so that you can find any wonderful hidden gems that you might not have known about. Would be such a pity to miss out on something amazing because you didn’t know about it. Enjoy your visit to my site and come back again soon!

Mar 20

What To Expect On An African Safari

If you are planning to go on an African safari holiday and you have never been before, you may not know quite what to expect, so here are some ideas.



Depending on the type of holiday you have booked, you may be accommodated in anything from a 5 star luxury hotel to wooden lodges to traditional huts. Lodges are one of the most popular types of accommodation and they offer comfort and privacy for a relaxing break. They will usually be located near a watering hole so that guests can view wildlife from the comfort of their balconies. Some lodges will be in the form of compounds which will be entirely fenced off to prevent most of the game wandering in among people. If there is no fencing, animals can wander freely around the lodges. Regardless of whether there is fencing or not, caution is recommended particularly at night when many predators are likely to be hunting. Often, game wardens will accompany guests to and from their lodges to ensure their safety but this may not be necessary if the place is well fenced off.





Some accommodation is self catering and others will be catered so do check carefully before you book. Dining areas are often within sight of the nearest watering hole so that you can watch for wildlife whilst enjoying your meal. Depending on the weather, you can eat indoors or out but usually food is served outdoors where possible. The menus vary but be prepared to be offered game, however, there will be more standard fare on offer as well so you will not go hungry!


Relaxation and leisure

These days, most lodges have plunge pools or even a swimming pool for you to cool off in. There is usually a bar which is often an open sided thatched type of building, where you can relax and socialise. The most luxurious resorts will have spa facilities for guests to enjoy and pamper themselves.



Resorts are as a general rule very safe. However, it is a good idea to be observant and never wander off by yourself or approach the animals. Even though animals such as elephants look very docile, they are wild animals and should be regarded with extreme caution at all times. Watch where you walk as snakes often like to sunbathe on paths and although most will get out of your way, there are some species that will not and you may get bitten if you stand on them.



On guided safaris, there will be guides and wardens who will arrange your day trips for you and also organise Mount Kilimanjaro. Savanna in Amboseli, Kenyameals and meal times for you. They will liaise with the catering staff so that your meals are served at suitable times. There may also be admin or receptionists to assist you with any other requests that you may have. The guides and wardens can tell you all about the ecology of the region and take you to the best places to see the animals.


And finally

There will be a routine which begins at around 5am, often the best time to see the wildlife is at dawn and trips will begin early. If you are travelling to an area where malaria is prevalent, make sure you have got medication before you go. Also, find out if you need any vaccinations before travelling so that you can have these in plenty of time. Take your camera and enjoy!

Feb 25

Love The Outdoors? A Himalayan Trekking Holiday

Do you enjoy active holidays? If so, hiking through the peaks of Nepal is a trip that you might like to consider. Hiking is not just a great way of seeing spectacular scenery, it is also a bit of an adventure.


Walking along the tracks of the Himalayas will provide you with the chance to view the highest mountains on the planet! If you were to ask anyone who has been on a trekking holiday to the Himalayas, they will be able to tell you that it is something unforgettable.



Trekking is not the same thing as mountaineering. In almost every region of the Himalayas you will find well defined tracks which have been created by the locals. These tracks usually lead from one village to another. Others trails might have been built so that villagers are able to move their animals to the pastures, cross mountain passes, or function as trade routes. Many trails were created to enable travel for religious functions.


Trekking these mountain trails usually doesn’t mean that you will need mountain climbing skills. It’s true that some trails could pass over snow covered crevasses, but even these are generally passable without special equipment or abilities.


While trekking is not extreme like really climbing the face of a mountain, many trekkers have been drawn by the siren like call of the mountains. For these folks trekking served as their intro to mountain climbing up.


When you visit Nepal you will experience fantastic hiking alternatives. You can choose easy walking adventures or you more challenging tracks that traverse snow covered peaks. No matter which type you choose, you will find walking through Nepal is without a doubt the very best way to discover lovely charming nation. Whenever you are visiting this part of the world, you will really be missing out if you don’t include a trek into the mountains.


It is important to remember that hiking is a breath-taking experience actually! So many of the trails will take you to altitudes of 10,000 feet or greater! This means that you do need to be in good health and be in possession of a healthy set of lungs and a strong pair of legs. Make sure when preparing for your trip that you are fit enough to go. This will certainly the journey of a life time, however only if you are physically able to enjoy it.


Yes, trekking the tracks of the Himalayas is electrifying however, you will also discover that it is very tranquil and satisfying. As you walk along the tracks and trails, you will get to visit little towns with the chance to visit many monasteries and temples.


As you travel through quaint mountain towns you will certainly have the chance to speak to the local people who live there. Many of individuals you will come across will be members of regional tribes. By far the majority will certainly be extremely friendly and you will find it fascinating to get a glimpse of their way of life. After all, one of the most enjoyable parts about travelling outside your own country is getting the chance to experience new cultures? The people you encounter will be hospitable and curious about you. Do not be surprised if some even welcome you into their homes. The longer and larger your expedition, the more unique will be your experiences in this land of natural treasures.


As you trek the peaks of Nepal you won’t only be seeing snowy towns and high mountain passes. You will experience stunning forests that are covered in rhododendron, which is the national flower of Nepal. You will be able to take a walk along the banks of beautiful streams and visit vibrant waterfalls all which create a beautiful symphony of sound.


No surprise then that nature enthusiasts opt to hike the peaks of Nepal, a land that offers a few of the finest wildlife watching areas of the world. Obviously if all this sounds a bit tame for you, you can also have a go at a few of the more extreme activities. How about some mountain biking, river rafting, sky diving or peak climbing?


Traveler on the top of a rock. Jungfrau region, SwitzerlandAnybody hiking the peaks of the Himalaya should only do so with a skilled guide. After all, you will be visiting an area that you have never been to before which can also be quite hazardous. It is easy to get a guide with the help of any travel bureau who focuses on Nepal tourism. Virtually all of these travel agencies will not only set you up with a guide, they can also help you with the required trekking equipment. Keep in mind, despite the fact that you will be trekking on established trails, there are still the hazards of landslides, mountain storms and other possible threats. A seasoned guide will help you circumvent these threats or guide you safely away from them if needs be.



Are you all set to begin planning your finest trip ever? If so, the peaks of Nepal ought to be the primary location on your list. Your holiday will be taking to the great outdoors, trekking the native tracks of a really magical land, among a friendly and distinct people! You will genuinely feel at one with nature while you are walking through the most gorgeous views in the world! Really the adventure of a life time!

Jan 29

Why You Should Consder A Cruise Holiday


If you enjoy travelling and exploring new places, a cruise holiday could be just perfect for you. Every day you are in a new port with all the delights and fascinating places to visit. There are cruise trips all over the world, so don’t think you will be confined to just a few places, there are so many wonderful destinations to visit that you will be spoilt for choice.

The cost of a cruise does look expensive however, when you look at what you are getting for the money, it is actually cost effective and good value. Most cruises include your meals, tea & coffee, onboard entertainment , flights & transfers to the ship and housekeeping for your cabin. Obviously, you should check the terms and conditions carefully so that you know what you will get included and what you will have to pay extra for. Generally, you will have to pay for all drinks, other than tea & coffee, excursions and some food items. Again, check carefully before booking as the extras can amount to a considerable sum. There is generally a wide range of dining choices with some restaurants being open 24 hours a day so you are not tied to set meal times.
Onboard entertainment varies a great deal, so there is often a good choice. There are usually live shows such as musicals, comedians, magicians, etc.  Lots of cruise ships have cinemas now as well, so you can go and watch the latest blockbuster. Discos and dancing are usually laid on in the evenings and quite often there will also be a casino onboard as well.

There are cruises to suit everybody, not everyone wants to dress formally for dinner, so a more relaxed cruise would suit them. Families can have a great time with kids clubs and activities laid on for teenagers, so parents get some time to themselves.

Excursions ashore can be taken through the cruise ship or you can do your own thing. If you are doing your own thing, remember that you must be back onboard in plenty of time before the ship departs. If you get left behind because you were late, the boat will not wait for you and you will have to make your own way to the next port of call to rejoin the ship. If you are on a trip organised by the ship and are late, arrangements will be made to get you back on board and it will not cost you anything.



Cruising is the Marmite of the travel world, loved by most who have tried it, dismissed by many who haven’t. It’s picked on, sneered at (despite being worth £2 billion to the British economy), lampooned by environmentalists, stereotyped to the nth degree and apparently overlooked by anyone too young to remember a Beatles concert. Yet one in every eight foreign package holidays is now a cruise, making it the fastest-growing sector of the holiday trade.

So what makes it so popular? Access, for one. Stick a pin into any blue area on a world map, or locate any glistening ribbon of river, and the chances are you can get there by cruise ship. Anyone for the White Sea, the Lena, the Sava or the Drava? Precisely.

The best way to reach many off-the-beaten track destinations, including Papua New Guinea and the Kamchatka peninsula in the Russian Far East is by expedition ship, and in Burma, where hotels can’t keep pace with demand, taking a river cruise could ensure that you see a fast-changing country sooner rather than later.

Some of these passengers may find themselves sailing on one of the six new ocean-going ships to be launched this year – MSC Preziosa, Aida Stella, Compagnie Du Ponant’s Le Soleil, Europa 2, Norwegian Breakaway and Royal Princess. Six more such ships are scheduled to go into operation in 2014.

New ports, itineraries and destinations, coupled with innovations on board, continue to fire interest among regular and first-time cruisers alike, and the sheer diversity of itineraries and themes – wine, astrology, am-dram, photography, yoga, dance or “clothes-free vacationing” (ask your travel agent) – offered by the various lines means that finding a cruise that suits you has never been easier.

Certain destinations, such as Alaska, lend themselves to a seafaring experience; others can be reached only by ship. And it’s hard to beat a cruise if you want a first taste of the islands of the Caribbean.

My first and only visit there, by ship, packed in a scuba dive off Martinique, a lazy afternoon sampling the local brew under thatch on Bequia, a day’s hardcore hiking to waterfalls and thermal pools on Dominica, a tour of plantation houses, villages and waterfalls in Grenada, a self-guided walk around Kingstown’s churches, snorkelling with turtles off Tobago Cays and an overnight in Barbados. Much of my time on board was spent sprawled face-down on the bowsprit net counting the dolphins below.

Still not convinced? Our ocean-cruises myth-buster may help you make up your mind.

The myths and the truth

1. I’ll get seasick…

The vagaries of the sea can never be underestimated: the Atlantic can be a millpond in October and the Aegean can turn gale-force in August. But while it’s true that bad weather can strike at any time, modern-day technologies and stabilisers flanking the hull make it very unlikely that you will lose more than a couple of days to seasickness on board a mid-size or resort ship.

Read more http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/9841628/Cruise-holidays-a-guide-for-first-timers-dispelling-the-myths.html

Dec 17

Many Benefits To A Walking Holiday

Walking is definitely one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United Kingdom. In an era that is becoming more familiar with the benefits of a healthy way of life, brisk walking is one exercise that is open to most people to be able to take part in.

Walking vacations offer an electrifying combination of exercise and fresh air, however more than this they offer an ideal chance to really get immersed in the part of the world you are visiting. You will be able to experience the culture, the landscape, and of course the wonderful people in a manner that is simply not possible when you are insulated from all of it within a vehicle.

The benefits of such a holiday are clear, however it is not something you need to rush into. Taking your time to weigh up the options, risks, benefits and so on means that you will be able to choose the right walking holiday that suits you and your family.

Do you prefer to travel in a group or on your own? Naturally, there are pros and cons to both choices. With group walking you get to take pleasure in the experiences as well as enjoying the company of people with similar interests. The other side of the coin though is that taking a trip with others can be a bit bland. When you are alone, you will have more of an opportunity to reach out and interact with the people who actually reside in the location. Such interaction gives you the chance to get a real feel for the regional culture from those who understand it the best.

Nevertheless, it cannot be argued that when you are in unfamiliar territory that there is security in numbers. The security of taking a trip en masse reduces the element of danger, a reassuring element which in itself can enhance enjoyment. Then again, those who prefer to arrange their own travel or who like to travel alone, say that the slight uncertainty adds to the experience, giving them a bit more of an adventure.

A group walking tour also has the benefit of providing a guide who will be very familiar with the local area, culture, history and society so they are able to pass on this valuable information which is both interesting and informative. Without a guide there is always the possibility of going astray and getting lost, so for solo travellers it’s a good idea to be reasonably skilled with a map and compass, don’t just rely on a GPS unit, always have a backup plan.

Walking with a group leaves you with less things for you to sort out yourself. Your schedule is planned for you and you can just go along and enjoy it. Nevertheless, there undoubtedly needs to be compromises and you do need to have a certain level of fitness, much depends upon the actual trip you are taking, some are more vigorous than others so you should tailor your holiday to your ability and fitness.

Another factor you might want to consider is that walking holidays you organise yourself can be a lower priced option than their group equivalents.

How much walking can you do in a day? This is not a facetious point, however rather something that has to be taken seriously because, if you overdo it, you could end up not just exhausted but unwell or injured and this is not the point of the exercise. At the same time, you might want to give yourself a little bit of a challenge so that you get a bit more out of the trip.

Hills or dales? Between these 2 extremes there are a lot of gradual gradations, from easy and low level on good, Hikers enjoying walk on amazing mountain trailsmooth surface areas with a significantly limited number of ascents and descents and relatively short distances; through to moderate walking on reasonable surface areas over longer ranges with plenty of ascents and descents approximately 500 metres, and eventually to long paths in the mountains with great deals of challenging inclines, far away and rough going underfoot. It’s a good idea to be sensible concerning exactly what type of difficulty you can handle and select your walking holiday appropriately.

Keep in mind, though, that different companies offer flexible paths, with easier or more difficult routes to go on depending on your state of health and fitness levels.

Do not fall into the trap of believing that just because you are contemplating a walking vacation that you will necessarily be roughing it. Although there is much to be said for a staying in a tent pitched below the stars, there’s also a firm argument for enjoying a hearty meal, a warm bath and a comfortable bed at the end of a day’s exertion. Particularly if you have another tough day ahead!

Additionally, if you are something of a gastronome, a walking vacation provides a terrific chance to try different kinds of food in a variety of conditions, from roadside suppliers to 5 star dining establishments.

Finally you need to decide exactly what sort of experience you want to have. Would you rather the adventure of untamed wilderness or would you prefer to encounter the locals and enjoy the hospitality on offer?

Find out all you can about your suggested destination so that you are totally prepared for all it has to offer as well as what it cannot. Whatever you decide, live the experience to the fullest and allow it to expand your knowledge of this interesting world we share.

Nov 19

Planning The Perfect Holiday

You need to getaway but you haven’t got a clue where to go or what to do. The problem is that when you sit down to think about it, there is so much choice that you get overloaded and it’s really hard to choose one place.


Before you get going, understand that there will certainly be an opportunity to take another trip. So, if you do Beachchoose a holiday and then don’t enjoy it, there is always another time to visit somewhere else.


Here are some of my top suggestions that will help you prepare and plan for the perfect break.


Who is going on the trip? This is important because it will narrow your choices down.


Children. If you have youngsters, you’ll be wanting to plan a journey that everyone will enjoy. Beach holidays, amusement parks, national forests – these are all great family trips.


Solo travel. Are you holidaying on your own? If so, you can sign up with a solo trip specialist or visit a destination you always wanted to go to but hadn’t had the chance previously.


With a partner. Will you be travelling with your partner? If so, a romantic vacation for two, such as a week in a charming city like Vienna, will make for a lovely break.


Friends. Group travel can also be enjoyable. Have you every fancied a trip to see the tulip fields in The Netherlands? Or do you think a large villa next to the beach would be fun? These are all enjoyable choices for travelling with friends.


Think about who you will be travelling with and this will give you ideas as to the type of holiday that will be best for you and your travelling companions.


Next, you will want to choose your destination. As soon as you know who you are travelling with, it will make choosing a little easier. However, there are other factors that can be taken into account.


Season. When you have the ability to take your holiday will certainly dictate where you might go. If you’re taking a trip in the winter, for example, you can pick a winter holiday (such as a ski trip to The Alps) or you can avoid the colder temperatures by taking a Caribbean cruise.


Kind of trip. There are so many types of holidays out there it can be frustrating. Do you like adventure travel? Are you fond of cruises? Would you like your journey to include a lot of cultural experiences? Consider what you want from your holidays and then prepare things appropriately.


Budget. The quantity of money you have may also play a part in helping you choose a location to see. So, assess your finances and determine exactly what you are comfortable spending. This will help you choose a trip that will not just please you but will be comfortable on the wallet.


Throughout this phase of the planning, most of this relates to your desires. If you are taking a trip in a group, everybody needs to be in contract about what they would like to do. Otherwise, you could have problems with the trip. The people who were never ever actually thrilled about the destination might start to cause trouble as departure time approaches.


Another thing you will certainly need to plan is how you will get to your destination. Will you drive, take a train, take a boat, or fly? Some journeys, may include a mix of these. For example, you might fly to your destination then need to take a bus or rent a car.


If you have to fly, it can get costly. There are a couple of approaches for not spending so much on airline tickets. If you have some flexibility as to when you can travel, this will certainly be much easier because all you need to do is benefit from any sales that might arise.

No matter what kind of transportation you need, there are ways to conserve money. If you choose to take a train, you can lookout for special offers. If you want to rent a car, you may be able to get a deal or have it thrown in. Talk to a travel agent if you need help.


When you understand where you are going and how you will arrive, it is time to pick your schedule. Some people choose to draw up every detail of their journey, others like to enable some versatility. Be truthful with yourself about exactly what you are comfortable with then prepare the trip appropriately.


If you are the type who has a more satisfying trip when every detail is planned before you go, then you have several choices to make. First, you can work with a travel agent to have your journey reserved. Secondly, you can reserve a journey with an organized trip company. These companies take care of everything and all you have to do is enjoy your holidays once you get there.


Some airports even have a service that will certainly help you arrange a hotel. Simply check out the information centres at the airport. You can determine each stage of your trip as you go along and permit some flexibility.


People will often get themselves stressed as they prepare for their holiday, they want everything to be perfect. Given that holidays can be pricey, this is in fact a natural reaction. Taking a holiday takes both money and time and a lot of us don’t have limited resources. However, no matter what, simply keep in mind that the whole point is to relax and have a good time. Doing so will enable you to enjoy your vacation no matter what!

Oct 21

You Can Save Money On Your Next Holiday

It’s something  tourists are  worry about and you  might have experienced it yourself. The vacation that you  have actually been saving for and planning on all year is just a  number of weeks away. You  have actually  striven and need a break from  all of it and  can not wait to  strike the beach and  unwind with fruity umbrella drinks in hand  then you see it … the  very same  journey available for hundreds of dollars less than what you booked it at. You feel cheated,  nearly like you  have actually missed out on something and in a way … you have.

So how is it that your friend,  next-door neighbor, or even that loud  individual on the  aircraft that keeps  extoling the  lot he got, paid so much less than you did? The  response in a nutshell is  basic supply and  need. When  Trip Operators  send their brochures, they generally have the seats on the  aircraft and the hotels  currently in place for the upcoming  period. They set their  rate point according to their  earnings margin and offer  various incentives such as early booking  incentives,  totally free  presents or upgrades  to obtain these seats and  spaces  offered early. As the date of travel nears  nevertheless,  instead of taking a loss and letting  spaces and seats go empty, they  lower the price of the trip  often by  numerous hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately for you, you  selected the  totally free travel pillow by booking early 4 months  back and  lost out on the  larger  cost savings. You  can not do anything about it as once you  reserved you locked yourself into that  rate and the vacation is non-refundable, but  a minimum of you have a travel pillow to cry into.

Playing the waiting  video game to book that last-minute vacation can be  extremely  gratifying as the savings can  provide you extra money to buy tours at your  location, a few more rounds of golf, to  update your  space, or even a few  even more nights out.  Much more rewarding is  simply the feeling that you won  which now you get to be the loudmouth on the  airplane or around the pool bar bragging about the  large amount you got!  Be careful however, there are risks involved and certain  policies do  use when attempting to score a  low-cost last-minute  trip. For  beginners, you  need to be  EXTREMELY flexible.  Guideline is if there is a certain resort you have to be at on a  particular date, then it is advisable to book early,  protect your spot and  prevent all travel  marketing  till you  return.  For instance, if your  friend or a  member of the family  has actually decided to get  wed at a resort and have  selected you as  the very best Man or  House maid of Honor, you probably  do not want to wait just to  conserve some  cash money. The  threat is that it’ll sell out and  wind up costing you  even more to  messenger the ring to the Caribbean or Mexico while the rest of the bridal  celebration is throwing back shooters at the  swimming pool bar than you would have  conserved in the first place (Don’t laugh … It’s  occurred). Other times you  need to  stay clear of  attempting last-minute travel are March Break, Xmas, or anytime there is a carnival or big event going on. For the most part these dates sell out early and you’ll be  pushing your  sofa in your  living-room watching the Travel Channel instead of  pushing a beach enjoying the  surroundings. If you are  intending on  taking a trip in a group,  once more- not a  great idea as often there are only a few seats left on the  airplane by the time the price drops to rock bottom. Sure, the hotel  states they have  spaces  offered but how are you  getting there if the  air travel is  complete?

travelSo what if you  simply need a last-minute  air travel from A to B or  someplace the charter airlines don’t fly to? Well, for the most part, you  run out of luck. The  set up  providers  normally work the opposite way  because the closer to the departure date you get, the more you’ll pay. Just ask a  company  tourist that  has actually been called away to fly across the country last-minute about  the number of  large amounts he  has actually gotten. That brings me to my next point; it also depends on the  kind of vacation you are  searching for. The packaged tours, ( normally an  all-encompassing resort with  air travel) are your best bet as this  offsets the bulk of a tour operator’s  stock and also  stands for a larger  revenue they stand to lose if it doesn’t sell. Cruises offer  excellent savings  however  generally  do not  consist of the air while Escorted or Guided coach tours,  do not  provide a lot, if any last-minute  cost savings.

So there you have it, a bit of  understanding into last-minute travel and the reasons why and when you  need to go for it  along with some of the risks that are  included by doing so. If you have the flexibility and patience, you can save a bundle  however my last  little bit of advice is that when you  stumble upon that great deal … Book it right away and  protect your  rate as you  never ever  understand when it’ll sell out. The other reason to grab it  instantly is that although the travel agents can drop the price at any time, with supply and  need, they can raise the  cost back up as well  which can put you right back in the seat on the plane beside that  individual bragging about the  large amount he got.

Sep 19

Explore The World By Bicycle

More and more of us are traveling the world more frequently and traveling to more of the world’s far flung destinations, the world  really is a smaller place than it was twenty  5 years ago. As well as it being  much easier Family on bicycle rideto get to  numerous of the worlds more  unique destinations some of the countries that  had actually  run out bounds and inaccessible to travels for  years  have actually  likewise opened their borders to tourists and travelers alike. This  holding true we now have more  chances  to obtain to these  locations and enjoy  exactly what in many cases is a  absolutely unspoilt country with people who  invite visitors into their lives with open arms. So what is the best way to see these countries and get a flavor of  exactly what the  nation is  actually like?

Some  individuals are content having a beach  vacation and  remaining in a single resort  throughout of their  getaway but for  many individuals this is not  exactly what they  really want when they  see a new  nation. For these  individuals holiday companies all over the world  will certainly cater for their  requirements, and they will have a very nice  trip in a  extremely nice country on the whole.

Some  individuals have the bug to  check out a  nation and take in the  genuine spirit of  individuals and the destination, for these  individuals  remaining in one  area and sitting by the  swimming pool is not an option. If you  are among these  individuals then why not  take a look at taking a  biking holiday to another  nation? In  numerous countries the  roadways are more than adequate for cycling on and  oftentimes these  nations are more cyclist friendly than we are at home as there is less traffic on the roads. As long as you are up for an  experience and be prepared  to obtain lost  one or two times there are very  couple of better ways to see a country and meet new people.  Individuals are  typically  really friendly  to travelers in their country,  much more so possibly to travellers on a  biking  vacation as they  constantly  believe you a little  wacky and  potentially eccentric for holidaying as you are. They  could be  proper but the  total  impact is that you will be warmly  welcomed in most  locations that you  see.

Before you  take a trip to any  nation to have a cycling  vacation it is  constantly  smart to do a fair amount of  research on the areas that you  will certainly be  going to. By  developing a  really rough itinerary of your  journey you  need to  have the ability to plan where you  will certainly be on any  provided day as well as  making sure that when it  pertains to the time that you have to fly  house you are not  3 hundred kilometres  far from the airport! It is also a  sensible  concept to leave a rough  strategy of your itinerary at home with a  good friend or a  member of the family in case of an emergency so they can contact you.

Depending on your spirit of  experience you can either  decide to stay in a hotel every night or camp out every night. If the  chance  emerges you can do a  mix of both. If you  have actually  never ever  participated in any of the  biking  trips that are  readily available to  vacationers  prior to it  might be an  concept for the first time at least to  remain in a hotel each night. This  will certainly get you a  much better night sleep and  assist you prepare more readily for the  list below days ride.

If you are seriously contemplating riding your bike abroad on a cycling holiday you  need to give  mindful thought to the tyres that you fit to your bike. The Maxxis Ignitor tyres are a great all round tyre that help you roll along effortlessly for mile after mile and when you have got a  great deal of miles to de this is a really important feature.  Due to the fact that the Maxxis Ignitor is such a  light-weight tyre it is really  hassle-free to  stash in your  baggage as a  extra tyre as well. With this in mind the Maxxis Ignitor  ought to certainly get  jam-packed rather than that spare pair of socks.

Some  nations  provide themselves to being  discovered more than others, these are  typically the  nations that would make sense to  check out on one of your first  biking holidays as these  locations are  likewise more aware of the needs of the  bicyclist.  Among the more  amazing  nations to  check out on a bike is New Zealand, with its  low  populace, low pollution levels, low  criminal offense rate, friendly natives and miles upon miles of  roadway to  discover, for  lots of people this is the ideal place to start to  discover the world on the  bike.

Aug 26

How a Jacobite Rebellion Created the Ordnance Survey Map

Early mapmaking started out as cave drawings around 30,000 years ago, or with ancient philosophers several thousand years ago charting the heavens. But the origin of the modern, detailed and accurate map to various scales dates from the 18th century and is a military product. All over the world, countries’ armed forces and civil servants in charge of defence mapped their and their neighbours’ territory to extend their political control at home, collect taxes more efficiently, defend their territory or conquer elsewhere.


By the late 19th century, the map producers had developed into professional cartographers using the best Antique Map of Europetechnological mapping aids of the time. Their maps became adapted for civilian as well as military uses. By the late 20th century, these cartographic offices had grown into autonomous government agencies known as geographical institutes or land surveys, with some becoming part of agriculture or environment ministries. However, many remain at least nominally a department of the national armed forces.


Highland Mapping


This is how the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain began. It started life as a Drawing Office within the Board of Ordnance, the precursor of the War Office and later Defence Ministry that was based in the Tower of London’s White Tower since the 14th century. The year was 1716 and the Duke of Argyll, John Campbell, had just completed the rout of the first Jacobite rising that broke out in 1715 and was led by the Old Pretender, James Francis Edward Stuart.


The job of the Drawing Office was to provide reliable maps of the difficult terrain in Scotland that had prolonged the campaign by Hanoverian monarchs to suppress the Highland clans and the Jacobite rebellions. This acquired greater urgency with the 1745 Jacobite rebellion led by the Young Pretender, Charles Edward Stuart, son of the Old Pretender, which was finally defeated in April 1746 at the Battle of Culloden.


In 1747, King George II commissioned the Drawing Office to produce a military survey and detailed maps of the Highlands that would enable construction of military roads. Simultaneously, landowners in the Scottish Lowlands began to appreciate the value of good mapping for management of their estates and to reclaim wastelands. The military and economic interests overlapped to create the state mapping agency.


The first map, on a scale of one inch to 1,000 yards, was compiled by Lieutenant Colonel David Wilson, a quartermaster of the Duke of Cumberland’s forces, with the assistance of William Roy, a factor at the Clan Gordon estates in the Lowlands (the Gordons supported the British ) and a talented draughtsman and engineer.


Anglo-French Triangulation Project


William Roy was keen to survey the whole of Great Britain, but it took until 1790 for this to begin for the southern English coast because of fears of an imminent French invasion. The following year, the Board of Ordnance acquired the Ramsden theodolite made by Yorkshire instrument maker Jesse Ramsden. Roy, who died in 1790, ensured the accuracy of this project by earlier measuring an accurate baseline at Hounslow Heath, the future location of Heathrow Airport, to Hampton Poor House on the Hanworth Road in Hampton, Surrey. This was part of a triangulation project by the Royal Society in London and the French Academy of Sciences to establish the relative locations of astronomical observatories in London and Paris.


Public Demand for Maps


The first map on a one inch to a mile scale of Kent was produced in 1801 by the Ordnance Survey. Within 20 years, a third of England and Wales had been mapped. Public demand for the maps gathered pace.


In 1824, Ordnance Survey staff moved to map Ireland. The 2,000 employees involved were civilians but were under military supervision of the Royal Engineers and Royal Sappers. Irish maps on a six inches to a mile scale were completed by 1846, although the first maps were published in the 1830s.


Railway developments and public demand for maps resulted in the 1841 Ordnance Survey Act. But a fire that year at the Tower of London led to further disarray. The Ordnance Survey moved to offices in Southampton, where it remains, and it published the 25 inch to a mile maps in 1895. These include maps of 400 towns with populations of over 4,000.


During World War I, the Ordnance Survey prepared maps of France and Belgium. In World War II, these Ordnance Survey maps also covered South Africa, Italy and the Netherlands, including districts occupied by the German army.


National Grid Reference System


The launch of the national grid reference system in 1938 set the Ordnance Survey on a modernisation course. The metre was adopted as the unit of measurement. The grid divides the country into 500 x 500 km squares, with a digit and letter system giving co-ordinates for each 100-metre square within it. One-inch scale maps remained for a further 40 years until they were superseded by a series on a 1:50000 scale. Older maps from the 19th century have been re-scaled to this measure. The agency also produces more detailed mapping on 1:10,000 and 1:1,250 scales.

The Ordnance Survey’s flagship digital map, the OS MasterMap, was published in November 2001. The map records every fixed feature in Great Britain that is larger than a few metres.


Features on this map have their own topographical identifier (TOID) in national grid co-ordinates. The map is produced in layers at ground level or at building level. The maps are updated on a continuous basis and are never more than six months out of date.

Commercial Interest


The Ordnance Survey, like it counterparts in other countries, has a virtual monopoly on geographical information in Britain. Since 1999, it has also acted as a commercial entity and has to be self-funding from the sale of its products. Raw data from its surveys is not freely available to the public, as is the case with similar agencies in Ireland or the United States.

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Tips To Keep You Healthy Whilst Travelling

The number of  people  anticipate a vacation for months, only to have some sort of  catastrophe occur? Besides the  apparent jet lag, insect bites, sunburn, and changes in water and eating habits, there are the more  major  bottle of waterdangers of  gastrointestinal disorder, or the flu. All those foreign  infections and bacteria  simply waiting to  destroy your trip!  Right here are some easy  pointers to make your  trip healthier and happier.

Take air travel. When I moved here from the U.K., I became an expert in the art of flying,  sustaining 22 return trips from London in 24 months. For  fars away,  think about adjusting a bit to the time difference of your destination. I  constantly try  to obtain up half an hour earlier each morning starting  2 weeks  prior to a London  air travel. It’s a bit anti-social,  specifically when someone calls and you’re in bed at 8:30 P.M., but it  certainly works. I can adapt to at least 3 hours of the 5-hour time difference here on the East Coat, before I even leave! Then, to ensure sleep on the plane, always  make use of little foam earplugs ( attempt pharmacies, hardware  shops, or gun  shops), and an eye mask- nothing  interrupts me! A  number of Calms  Strength or  organic Valerian, and I’m out.

Also, a wonderful travel idea is to try a foam neck brace from a  medical supply. It stops your head lolling about. Get the large size, so that your head is  entirely supported. I find them much better than those badly  developed little neck pillows. And other  guests and crew are  especially  good to you!

You should always drink lots of  great water, not alcohol or coffee on the  airplane, as they are dehydrating. Eat lightly, as you don’t  desire your body to use up its energy digesting a full  tummy of food.  Likewise the cabin air is  very dry, and this can play havoc with the mucus membranes of your sinuses, leaving them  susceptible to possible  distributing  infections from all  individuals in an  confined  area. Use a saline nasal spray (from any drugstore) as  typically as you remember, and suck on chewable Ester C  with the  air travel- this will also help to protect you.

Try not to touch your face, especially your eyes, with your hands while you travel. This is an  specifically useful tip, as everything you touch  has actually been  just recently touched by other hands, and the cold and flu germs are  really  infectious. To that end, take a little package of wipes, to clean your hands as often as possible.

At your  location,  attempt not to sleep till nighttime if possible. At  bed time, take 2 mgs of melatonin, available at  organic food  establishments. Melatonin is secreted from the pineal gland in your brain when it is time for sleep.  In other words, it can reset your time clock- personally I  discover it amazing.  Given that I  have actually started using it I  have actually had next to no jet lag.

Digestion  disruptions are a  usual  inconvenience for  tourists. Some  individuals get constipated  nearly the minute they leave  house. Take magnesium capsules with you, and take 500 mg a day for the first  couple of days of your  journey. Also there are the herbs such as Cascara Sagrada or Senna to  develop a gentle laxative, plus,  make sure to drink  a lot of water.

A bigger  trouble is the bacterial  hazard,  typically caused by E. Coli, or Salmonella, the  germs that  trigger dysentery,  and even parasites such as the  typical giardia. Everyone knows to drink  just bottled water,  stay clear of ice cubes, etc.,  however the most  vital  insight is to take large  quantities of a good quality probiotic  item from Natren, Natrol, Metagenics, Twin Labs,  and so on. These  advantageous bifidobacteria can help protect you from attacks by unfriendly bacteria. A  close friend of mine recently  made it through a trip through the depths of India  untouched, while her traveling companions dropped one by one with severe “Montezuma’s  Retribution”,  understood in the UK as “Delhi Belly”. They spent much of their  trip running for bathrooms. All she did was take  3 or four capsules of acidophilus 4 times a day.  Nevertheless, if you do suffer a disturbance, which does not clear up  swiftly, visit your GP when you get home, especially if diarrhea, gas, or bloating remain, or if you  reduce weight. I’m working now with a  customer who  fell under a river in Thailand. Parasites can be nasty and tenacious, so  do not  linger.

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The Cultural Highlights of Asia

The continent of Asia is regarded as one of the most culturally diverse places in the world. Each country boasts

copyright Mountain Kingdoms

copyright Mountain Kingdoms

historical monuments, religious and cultural icons and friendly and interesting people. When travelling, choosing which parts of Asia to visit can be a tall order because you won’t want to miss anything out. Here are a few of the highlights to help with that decision.


All walking enthusiasts with a bucket list are likely to have the Great Wall of China somewhere on that list. Sections of the wall that are visited infrequently will take you back in time to view the remnants of China’s history. The Qing tombs, where emperors of the Qing dynasty are buried, give a fascinating insight into the way that emperors were revered in days gone by. Beijing has its own cultural highlights, including the Forbidden City. Another cultural attraction that is worth going out of your way to see is the army of Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an.


Formerly known as the Khmer Empire, Cambodia in South-East Asia is one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of the groups of people inhabiting it. The capital, Phnom Penh, is the cultural, political and economic hub of the country, and this can be contrasted with the thirty ‘hill tribes’ living in the highlands in scattered temporary villages. These have a traditional set-up, with elders in charge of the tribe and traditional hunter-gathering methods used to glean sustenance alongside cultivated vegetables.


All cultural holidays of Asia should take in Tibet and its famous Buddhist culture. Sightseeing at the tombs of the Valley of the Kings can be combined with a trip to the Yumbulakhang castle and Samye monastery. For a more unusual trip, it is worth visiting one of the hermit retreats of the Buddhist monks, such as that at Drak Yerpa. Tibet is a place of religious, cultural and historic importance which will provide the experience of a lifetime whichever parts you decide to visit.


Much like neighbouring Tibet, Bhutan, located in the magnificent Himalayas, is known as a Buddhist kingdom. It is also a stronghold for ethical and sustainable tourism, with fewer visitors than other parts of Asia. There is an abundance of monasteries and unique architecture. The vibrant culture extends to the entertainment, with regular dance festivals called ‘tsechus’ taking place throughout the country. The scenery is equally vibrant, with laws protecting the forests and ensuring that at least 60 per cent of the country will always remain forested.


Located in the south of Asia, India is famous for its cultural landmarks such as the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra, built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a memorial to his third wife. India is also famous for its production of tea in the huge plantations. In particular, Darjeeling tea is grown in the area of the same name, and many tourists take a trip to explore the plantations. In the same area, it is possible to take an elephant safari or a cruise on the river or just explore the famous Himalayan mountain range.


Located in eastern central Asia, Mongolia is a fascinating country that has welcomed notable change during the past century. It is the most sparsely populated country in the world, containing only small areas of habitable land. In the early 1990s, the country went from communist rule to a market economy, and it has subsequently opened its doors the world and to tourists. It is possible to travel on foot, on horseback or by bicycle as well as by using traditional modes of transport. Tours can also incorporate trips to nomadic camps, allowing travellers to experience a truly different culture and way of life. Many tourists will go to the national celebration, the Nadaam Festival, to see displays of archery, horse racing and wrestling.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for its wildlife and scenery, but it also has areas of notable cultural and historical significance. From the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa to the temples of Dambulla and Kandy, you can get a glimpse of the Sri Lanka of days gone by. For an idea of the modern culture in rural areas, it is worth heading to some of the small and welcoming villages. The National Parks will give visitors the chance to look for some of the rare wildlife, such as crocodiles, elephants and leopards.


One of the less visited of the Asian countries, Kazakhstan offers mountaineers the chance to trek through mountains that are similar to the Alps but almost entirely uninhabited. The only people that you are likely to meet in the Tien Shan mountains are the nomads, such as the Kyrgyz and Kazakh people. This is a real eye-opener for anyone interested in finding out how people live away from what we would regard as civilisation.


This is another place where it is possible to meet tribes and experience a truly different culture and way of life. The ancient city of Luang Prabang offers an insight into an era when the king’s palace on the banks of the Mekong River was the focal point for the country. Nearby, the Pak Ou caves contain hundreds of miniature Buddhist sculptures, with the small figurines in various traditional positions representing activities such as meditation, teaching and peace.

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An Indian Safari Has Much To Offer

India is one of the few locations worldwide where spending wildlife and experience holidays can end up being your unforgettable experience. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that India is among the few nations on the planet that offers immense chances to explore it’s diverse natural appeal and experience activities that are seldom found in any other parts of the world.


Plentiful wildlife, scenic grandeur, unparalleled adventures and differed cultural natural beauties are just couple of countable aspects that integrate jointly to give a unique glimpse of this special place and take pleasure in safari trip. Absolutely it is one of the few destinations on earth that is worth to be explored a minimum of once in a life time.

Typically whenever we think of safaris and experience most of the time we think of other areas outside India but today we cannot overlook India’s varied eco-tourism that has actually slowly brought in the attention of regional and international travellers. Exploring Indian wild sanctuaries and jungles can be life-long memory for any vacationer who has deep passion for wild experience or photography.


Besides this, Indian national forests and sanctuaries are deemed as perfect destinations for those who want to enjoy safari tours and get acquainted with some of the most special types like Bengal Tiger, Rhinoceros or phenomenal natural beauty. This distinct quality of India has made it among the most popular safari traveller locations of the world. Below is some of the few popular safari tour choices that can one can travel in India. These are just couple of recommendations as the possibilities in India are endless.


Mountain Biking Safari – Mountain biking is a very strenuous sport and in last couple of years has actually acquired tremendous appeal. Mountain cycling has actually constantly been a enjoyment for a person who enjoys experience and when it is performed in middle of the luxurious surrounding of nature it becomes more delightful. Resolving to this truth, today it will not be wrong to state that subtle and diverse topography of India provides broad scope for mountain biking. It doesn’t matter whether it is the mountain ranges of the Himalayas or the south Indian mountainous trips, mountain cycling in India can be a satisfaction in India.


There are variety of places in India that offer a few of the best sliding for mountain biking worldwide. Set in the middle of ever-changing and thriving environments, Himalayan Range of mountains provide some hard to beat tracks for the experience bike fans. Most of these mountain bicycle trips here include some single track riding and asks technical skills. Apart from this, the major tourist attraction about mountain cycling safari in India is flying down complicated surfaces that can be more difficult.


Cameleer (camel driver) with camels in dunes of Thar desert. RajCamel Safari – Camel Safaris of India are now one of Asia’s fastest selling experience holidays and safari tour programs. As the name suggests these safari trip programs generally consists of camel expeditions ranging from short flights to substantial journeys that may remind you of Lawrence of Arabia. Though the Great Indian Desert could not have big expanses of sand dunes or extraordinary spaces of wilds as just like that of the Sahara but it includes some magnificent castles and unspoiled towns. Its dune are more quickly available from railway stations or airports than those of many African nations.


Today camel safari in India is a excellent method to see the desert, go to the towns and know additional information about the culture and custom of Rajasthan in India. Apart from this, it likewise supplies various options for visitor to keep an eye out for the uncommon golden brown dune in the middle of a camel safari, undertaken by an licensed tour operator. A camel safari in India can likewise be an interesting experience for the inexperienced one as the windswept tracts of sand. In addition to this, stunning sun downs coupled with dawns on the offing can be a wonderful treat to watch. Though riding a camel is difficult as individuals think about, but it let you have wonderful experience to delight in and understand the vibrantly, living, extremely vibrant and welcoming service provided by local individuals of India.


Jeep Safari – Like camel safaris, another popular kind of safari that is acquiring appeal is the Jeep Safari. The Jeep Safari cannot just be livelier but likewise let one feel near to nature while driving with a few of the calmest and stunning landscape in India. Jeep safari in India offer finest alternatives to travel on hilly surface, a rugged surface or any other off beaten track in India.


In fact, jeep safari tours in India can let a traveller find and understand those aspects of India that he or she could just have read in the books or seen on helpful channels. Today there are number of jeep safari tours in India that covers some of the best places found in the Himalayan regions. Apart from hillsides, a tourist can likewise travel around the cities and deserts of Rajasthan on jeep safaris. The very best part of jeep safaris is – jeeps can take visitor to the interiors of a town or a town where heavy and big cars find tough to travel. This not only makes sure and let tourist have higher enjoyment but likewise provide chance to see much more.


Today there are numerous safari vacation choices in India that cannot just help vacationers rejuvenate their mind but it might also make them discover some of the most important lessons of life and that certain region. All that is needed is choosing the safaris trip program that tourist could prefer to belong of.