An Introduction to the Old Dhaka Street Foods

Every country have its own street food. So it is not a surprise to know that in Bangladesh too, especially in Old Dhaka, there are so many choices of street foods. There are traditional street foods you can see that are displayed along the street. If you are too health conscious, it is better not to eat those street foods. As you can see in the video below, the foods displayed are not even covered with a clean plastic. The foods are very well exposed.

For the local citizens, they are surely used to eating those street foods. But for tourists, you may not want to at least try except if you eat those street foods in a restaurant. You can see how the foods are being prepared and cooked. Almost every food displayed along the street are not well-covered. And the sellers do not use plastic gloves to hold the food. They use their bare hands. If you can take that, then there’s no problem. Taste the best foods from this place. Check this agency to help you out in your travel agenda over this site It may be a part of their culture.

It has been a normal scene in Bangladesh not to observe proper food hygiene. So for first timers who visit in the country, know that they prepare and cook the food differently. In other Asian countries, they use plastic gloves when handling food, not with bare hands. You can taste these amazing foods when you travel here. Make sure you got the visa you needed over this company here search Even if they might have washed their hands, you cannot assure that the food is safe especially if you are not a local citizen.

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