The First Impressions about Bangladesh you Should Know

Bangladesh is known to be one of the most crowded and populated area in the world. For some people who didn’t yet try to visit the country might have a negative impression. However, there are still many good things you need to know about the country. Some tourists even mentioned that this country is awesome and that they recommend this place to other tourists. Actually, I too recommend this place. It is important to know that the national language of the people here is Bengali.  

But those who can speak English don’t need to worry at all. The residents or local citizens can speak English. Know that one of the popular sports being played by almost all the people in the country is Cricket. For tourists who are from foreign countries having different race and color should not be surprised when the local residents show their curiosity or some weird reactions as if they saw a famous actor or actress. The way of preparing food in restaurants is quite different. The way this dental clinic use to held their service is totally great. Open this additional hints for more. This is one of the great site to visit.

Unlike other restaurants in Asian countries, don’t expect that they will cook your order after you ordered the dish that you want in a restaurant in the country. You need to be patient while waiting for your order and it is better to go to a restaurant earlier before meal times. Having a drink with the locals is a good experience. But instead of drinking alcohol with them, it is better to choose a non-alcoholic drink like tea. Expect heavy traffic always.

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