The City’s Culture

A place can be distinguished by its culture. Just like other places around the world, Dhaka also have a long history and there are special days which the people celebrate. They also celebrate their own Independence Day. Festivals and any other big events are being organized and there is an active participation from the local citizens. Usually, schools and colleges are the ones that organize big events. In terms of the new year being celebrated all throughout Dhaka, it is called as the Bengali New Year.

This day falls every 14th of April and is also called as Pohela Baishakh. The people always gather on some particular streets and also on the university campus to celebrate this day. Another popular celebration is the Pahela Falgun wherein a large crowd always gather and enjoy. They also celebrate a bountiful harvest called Nabanna. Through this, everyone can know that the city celebrates a lot of festivals and other events. There are festivals which the Muslims celebrate and also the Buddhists and Christians.

In terms of the city’s traditional cuisine, it is described as versatile. This is because of the different ruling periods. The people of the city are used to eat plain steamed rice and they usually prepare curry such as fish curry, meat curry, and vegetable curry. Dhakaiya food is also very popular especially in the old city of Dhaka. This includes kebabs, haleem, mutton tehari and more.  They also have their own traditional snack. Throughout the city, you can find both local and international fast food chains.